Made in the U.S.A. custom one at a time. Our current lead time is one month.
  • Sig Premium IWB Holsters


    This is our top of the line Inside the Waist Band Holster.  For the last two years we have continually refined this model to have something we are very happy with today.  We provide you, the buyer several options on how you want to wear the holster.  

        Tuck Loop that adjusts for height

        Regular Dual Loops that adjust for angle

        1.5" clip that adjusts for carry angle

    From there we decided we had to have something special.  So we make them out of only fabric coated, or artifical suede coating.  These two coatings provide an extra level of comfort, and help the holster stay in place that much better.  

    The lead time on this holster is currently about one month from the date of purchase.

    At this point we are testing the AIWB Claws.  We will add them to the list of options when we feel we have a succesful test.