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Competition Class August 19 - Deposit

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As a professional educator I take the idea of teaching very seriously.  In designing a class for shooters to improve upon their skill set it is important that you come with an open mind ready to learn and work.  Each portion will have an objective and assessment for that objective as well as personal reflection and feedback from myself or peers.  It is important to be able to reflect on your own skill set and learning throughout the day. 

This is a class for shooters that are looking to advance their overall skill set in USPSA or shooting in general.  In order to participate you should have a good background in shooting.  Students should either have a classification in a major shooting organization, participated in an organized shooting activity on a regular basis, or have taken another class in handgun utilization.  

Participants should bring a reliable firearm with them that they can be comfortable shooting all day.  They should have a reliable safe holster that covers the trigger guard as well as safe and secure mag pouches.   Participants should plan on bringing 1000 rounds of ammunition that will function reliably in their firearm.  

We will cover:

Group Shooting

The Draw



Students will receive a package at the conclusion of the class with drills they can use to enhance their own training.  Students will also receive gift certificates or coupons for various shooting companies.  

If you chose to utilize the deposit option, the remaining balance will be due at the start of the class.  

Class will be held in Clear Brook VA