Made in the U.S.A. custom one at a time. Our current lead time is one month.
  • 1911 and 2011 Based 3 gun Holsters


    Unlike our competition series of holsters, these do not feature the low cut front we are known for.  They are kept high for additional retention.  

    This is the top of the line Red Hill Tactical Competition Holster as used by many shooters around the country.  It can be had in the lighter weight single layer style that is common to most, or the super rigid double layer holster.  This features two layers of Kydex to add a great deal of rigidity to your holster.  In addition to the rigidity it gives you the ability to further add to the custom look of your rig. We do recommend that any gun over 35 oz be a double layer holster.

    As with all Red Hill Tactical holsters the front is low cut to aid in a quick draw.  All competition holsters come with adjustable retention either via screws or optional knobs.  

    With this holster we also give you the ability to chose your mounting system either loops, tek lok, or drop.  Additionally this can be ordered with no mount, and you can add on one of our Red Hill Tactical drop offset hangers to accompany your choices.  

    The lead time on this holster is currently about one month from the date of purchase.

    Our Holsters do not currently fit WARWICK TACTICAL slides.  They are using their specs, and not published 1911 specs.